Japanese restaurants in Bristol

Bristol has a number of fantastic Japanese restaurants with a mix of traditional Japanese kitchens to modern, elegant Japanese fusion kitchens. Japanese food is known for its high nutrient density from a lot of very fresh, and seasonal produce.

Most well-known Japanese cuisines is made of the following foods:

  • Sushi (raw fish- sashimi- wrapped in sweet vinegar rice and seaweed)
  • Ramen (egg noodles in a warm, hearty broth; often miso, pork or soy sauce based)
  • Unagi (meat of river eel, usually frilled in a sweet barbeque style sauce)
  • Tempura (fluffy battered, deep-fried seafood or vegetables, usually fried in sesame oil)
  • Soba (noodles made of buckwheat flour, often served in a broth or as a side dish)
  • Tonkatsu (succulent pork, prepared breaded and deep fried)
  • Curry

A lot of dishes use soy as a base, with miso, tofu and edamame common in many dishes. Pickles (tsukemono) are also a staple part of the Japanese diet- often used as a garnish or as palette cleaners between dishes

Japanese sweets are after based on akuzi bean paste and made into stunning artistic sugary delicacies. These are typically had alongside green tea, which is a staple japanese drink.

Traditionally Japanese restaurants have low-level tables around which customers sit on seating pads on the floor. One typical restaurant type is called an izakaya, a tapas-style restaurant, meaning many small plates are usually shared by the table.

In Bristol though, the restaurants are western and although some places have a mission to create very authentic foods, and flavours, the style of eating in all these below are more common to European restaurants.

Bristol’s best authentic Japanese restaurants:

  1. Kansai Kitchen (Studied food in Japan- authentic Japanese produce and flavours)
  2. Izakaya (Street food & sake bar)

Bristol’s best elegant Japanese cuisine:

  1. Kibou (contemporary, stylish day-to-night kitchen and bar)
  2. Seven Lucky Gods (chic, modern, container ship street-style restaurant)
  3. Noa Sushi (colourful, contemporary Japanese restaurant)

Bristol’s Best Japanese food:

In this table, we’ve compiled the 8 best Japanese restaurants in Bristol, with descriptions and rough prices.

Izakaya Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar (Park street)Bringing the spirit of a traditional, authentic Japanese Izakaya. Lovely street-style, relaxed decor. This is a really great restaurant and one of your best spots for ramen, katsu curry, poke bowls, sushi and street food. Enjoy these with wine, beer and sake, and delicious Japanese desserts. Link here.Good prices. Main dishes are around £11-15, Tapas-style dishes are about £5-7.
Kansai Kitchen (Redland)A wonderful, authentic Japanese restaurant. The owner, originally from bristol, studied Japanese cuisine during his decade in Japan. Together with his wife who is Japanese, they had the idea for this kitchen, where all their energy focuses on authentically crafted food; as close to how it comes in japan as possible. Link here.A delicious full meal might be around £15 – £20
Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant (Clifton)Fresh sushi, grilled food and teppanyaki. Also Japanese wine and beers. The place is simple with black and red leather decor. They hire out the larger downstairs space for parties and offer karaoke entertainment. Link here.Affordable suhsi. A set meal of around 20 pieces for around £20.
Seven Lucky Gods, (Wapping Wharf)Gorgeous, critically acclaimed asian-style small plates and sushi. Also great drinks. These small restaurants in container ships are super chic, quirky and modern. Part of a goup of exceptional, restaurants and bars in Bristol. Must book ahead. Site here.Around £20-25 for food, cocktails £10
KIBOU (Clifton)Contemporary, stylish day-to-night Japanese kitchen and bar. Inspired by the colourful streets of Tokyo. Their focus on opulent design aims to add to their vision for culinary escapism. Fresh, handmade sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempura and bao. Also Japanese whiskey and sake and a selection of beers, and Japanese-inspired cocktails. Also Japanese afternoon -tea packages. Link here.Sushi around £20-25, with main ramen meals around £14-16.
Noa sushi (Clifton)A sushi bar, fresh quality sushi at affordable prices. Fun restaurant, designed with bold colours and art. Also a great bar with Japanese beers, wines and cocktails. This restaurant also do great take-out packages and platters catering for parties. Link here.Good prices, around £12 for a main meal and £15-20 for a nice sushi meal.
DonDon (Clifton)A very small Japanese takeaway (with a tiny eat-in space). For Donburi and Bento, this is a beloved lunch spot for fast delicious Japanese. Link here.A bento box is £8-10.
Ramen Ya (Gloucester Road)Cosy and casual, low-hanging lanterns and dark wooden tables and benches. Ramen steamed buns and other Japaese curries and small plate dishes. Link here.Very affordable. Around £10 for Ramens and £11 for curries

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Best Sushi in Bristol

The Best sushi in Bristol is either KIBOU or Noa Sushi, both restaurants in Clifton. KIBOU is a chic, elegant day-to-night restaurant and kitchen, specialising in Sushi and other small, flavour-packed plates. Noa Susi is a cool, artistic restaurant with fantastic fresh sushi platters, beautifully created and presented.

Noa sushi also caters great sushi platters for parties or take-outs. If you’re planning a sushi party, you might also check out Fujiyama restaurant in Clifton. They also serve fantastic fresh quality sushi and rent out spaces on their lower floors for parties and karaoke!

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All these restaurants are described in the table above with links and rough pricing. We hope this guide has been useful!

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