Gin Bars of Bristol | Guide to the best

Bristol has a great drinks scene. It is home to many bars, cocktail bars, popular gin spots and micro-distilleries.

This is your guide to the best gin bars and taprooms that bristol has on offer, with descriptions, offerings and prices.

Bristol’s greatest gin bars include:

  • Gin and Juice (elegant, dark, candle-lit)
  • The Lost and Found (floral, luxury, delicate)
  • The Florist (bright, floral, vintage)

Bristol’s best gin cocktails bars include:

  • The Rummer (Own distillers, excellent bar)
  • Milk Thistle (luxurious prohibition cocktail bar)
  • Flipside (relaxed, cosy, great garden)

The best gin bars, cocktail bars, distilleries and tap-rooms in Bristol are listed below with some details and links to websites so you can check them out!

From the Bristol Distilling Co. Instagram page. A great small distillery and taproom in Bedminster.

Great Gin Bars in Bristol

Gin and JuiceGlamour in the decor, this is a stunning, warmly lit gin bar on Park street. An extensive gin menu, fantastic collections. Open late more days. Instagram here.Gin drinks- doubles from around £8 or £9 + for more expensive brands
The Lost and FoundDark, floral, beautifully designed and elegantly relaxed. A great selection of gin cocktails, old classics (lost) and new experimental (found). Site here.Gin drinks around £10
Milk ThistleAn award-winning prohibition cocktail bar in central bristol. Spaced over four floors it’s elegant and luxurious with a fabulous gin cocktail range. Milk thistle gin club runs special gin events every few months. Site here.Gin cocktails from £10+
Flipside Cocktail ClubThe vibe is simple and friendly, dark walls, worn gold mirrors and vintage frames. Site here.Gin cocktails around £9.50
The FloristPretty, vintage and white this beautifully decorated cafe/restaurant/bar on park street do great quality cocktails with a fantastic gin collection. Site here.Gin cocktails ~£8 or 9, and Gin Drinks ~£11 doubles

Gin distilleries in Bristol

The best gin taprooms in bristol are The sprit bar (partners to Espensen brewery) in Easton and Bristol DIstilling co. (Creators of the Gin 77 range) in Bedminster. They are both great local businesses with great drinks and atmosphere.

The Spirit bar is homey and sweet with a warm interior and colourful art. They have a great LGBTQ+ and mental health awareness brand ethos.

Espensen Brewery: Bristol Spirit Bar and Kitchen

Bristol Distilling co. is a stylish taproom in the chic, high-ceiling industrial-chic distillery. Their brand is out with the classic and in with the new and experimental.

Bristol Micro-distilleriesDescriptionsBar/Taproom details
Bristol Dry Gin Micro-distilleryWorld Gin Awards winners. This distiller, in the deep cellars under the old city- this brand started in 2017 by two creative, experimental cocktail bartenders who wanted a drink to serve with pride. The Brand is colourful, creative and fun. Their home cocktail bar ‘The Rummer’ is an oldy-worldy medieval pub with subtle sophistication and a tropical twist. Amazing drinks and creative cocktail offerings. See the distillery’s Instagram here, and the Cocktail bar Insta here.
Cocktail bar in medieval pub- great creative cocktail selections (Open all week, closed Sunday)
Bristol Distilling Co.A proudly experimental, modern distillery, creators of the Gin 77 range. Right in Bedminster, the taproom is a cool, industrial space with warehouse high ceilings and an outdoor garden. They have food deals with local businesses- right now Bertha’s Sourdough Pizza. See their Instagram here.Taproom open Thurs/Fri/Sat in Bedminster.
Espensen and Bristol Spirit BarRun by Sam, who turned her drink-making hobby into a business in 2014 with her business partner Phil. The Brand is personal, quirky and artistic. The bar is a calm, relaxed space full of movie art and music memorabilia. The bar has a partnership with Doughheads Pizza for delicious food accompanying drinks. LGBTQ+ friendly, and mental health supporting employers. See their Instagram here.Taproom Thurs/Fr/Sat in Easton
Psychopomp Micro DistilleryA hobby project turned into a fully-fledged microdistillery, with ever experimental, inquisitive and creative distil, they have been ‘official’ since 2014, when they started their shop on Saint Michaels hill. See their instagram here.Shop A.Jenkins on St Michaels Hill where they run gin making and gin tasting sessions
Chew Valley DistilleryA family-run business run by Joe and Amy. Started in 2020, it has been immensely successful. Winners of multiple gin awards, they’ve grown fast. A simple taproom with long, wooden benches. Gin tasting and tours of the distillery. Instagram here.Simple taproom and bottle shop open 12-6 Fridays & Saturdays

Gin-related presents

For a gin-related present try a gin making workshop at psychopomp, or Gin tasting at Chew Valley Distillery.

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