Best classic Bristol Cocktail Bars | Expert’s choice

Bristol is known for it’s food and drink- and a big part of that is the city’s cocktail bar scene. Bristol is home to a great selection of classic, 20’s, rich decor, stunning architectural speak-easys and hidden bars.

I’ve spoken to my friend Brittany, a cocktail artist and veteran of the Bristol, late night hospitality scene to round up her selection of the top classic and secret cocktail bars in this fabulous city.

Bristol’s best classic cocktail bars are:

  1. The Clockwork Rose (Steampunk)
  2. The Raven (Mystical)
  3. The Library (Cosy)
  4. Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Fruity fun)

Mostly in the old city, or by clifton down station. Some of them have very intimate rooms, and offer private hire so it’s worth booking ahead to secure your table. The Library is the cocktail bar of the classic Bristol steak house Mug shot- a fabulous venue for a pre of post dinner drink.

Bristol’s top secret cocktail bars are:

  1. Milk Thistle, (Clifton Triangle)
  2. Scarlet lantern (Park Street)
  3. Hyde and co (Center)

These bars have unassuming doors at street level, but enter beyond and find yourself in a world transformed, and immersed in a lush offering of award-winning cocktail designs, scents and flavours.

The 4 best classic cocktail bars in Bristol

We’ve compiled our favourite cocktail bars into this list- click on the name to see the website and get a sense of the place in a new tab.

Cocktail BarVibe description
The Clockwork Rose, Old cityA steampunk bar, with a classy, sophisticated edge. Upscale with unique, quality cocktails.
The Raven, Old cityExtreme elegance and extravagance. A mystical cocktail bar, with burlesque, tarot evenings, close-up magic, and regular jazz every Sunday for £10 with cocktails. Dark red velvets and rich leather seats.
The Library, city centerA slightly hidden 1920’s library cocktail bar. Inviting, intimate and luxurious. Partner of mugshot steakhouse.
Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Clifton downSummer, fruity cocktail vibe. A cute independent cocktail bar, with exposed brick, and plush emerald stools. Slightly more affordable cocktail range.

These really are top game cocktail venues, also be sure to check their websites for when they are running special event nights.

Top secret cocktail bars in Bristol

In this table we’ve selected our top 3 secret cocktail bars in Bristol.

Cocktail BarDescription
Milk Thistle, CenterA stunning, decadent lounge, parlour bar and whisky vault. This is right in the city center, in plain sight but completely unassuming.
Scarlet lantern, Park StreetThis secret, highly sophisticated, underground speak easy in a sexy den under the arches at the bottom of park street. With extravagant bed tables and lounge areas these exceptional, quality cocktails are well worth stopping in for.
Hyde and co, TriangleInspired by the cocktails bars of new york city. Award winning cocktails and a solid reputation on the Bristol cocktail scene. This is Bristols original prohibition cocktail bar- big sister bar to Milk Thistle and The Raven

I hope you’ve found this curated list useful and that you enjoy our recommendations!

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