Independent art shops in Bristol

Bristol is a creative and artistic city. This is a guide to the best shops to buy art and the loveliest craft shops for artist supplies.

First, we guide you through our pic of our favourite shops for artworks by independent art sellers. Then we give you our guide to Bristol’s best craft and craft supply shops, including pottery studios, a sewing shop and general craft supplies.

Room 212, photo from the 212 Instagram page: @room212gallery

Independent art shops in Bristol

In this table we take you through the best independent art shops in Bristol, with a description of the shops below.

Room 212, Gloucester RoadA cute shop and gallery with a range of small-sized prints, cards, crafts and jewellery, to large exhibition artworks. Website here.
Love it, Gloucester RoadColourful art shop with prints, cards, jewellery, funky homeware and more. Also large prints. See their site here.
Up fest gallery, North StreetAn urban art gallery- collections of spray paint and posca pens and urban art prints, illustrations and contemporary work. See their site here.
Capsper, North StreetMostly a gift shop with a wide range of artworks and prints for sale. This is a cute North Street hub for local artists and designers See their site here.
North Street Gallery, North StreetA gallery run by artists with an ever-evolving exhibition space that showcases small and established artists. See their site here.
Stokes Croft China, Stokes CroftA social enterprise shop and bristol-famous china ware including tea and kitchenware and some one-off artworks for alternative- politically motivated art. See site here.

Room 212

A gorgeous shop on Gloucester road, packed full of artworks from local Bristol Artists. These range from small-sized prints and cards, to large wall artworks and small crafted homewares and jewellery.

The shop is owned and run by Sarah Thorp, who developed it as not just a gallery but a social hub for Bristol artists and the community. Artists share running responsibilities which fosters community and keeps costs low to keep beautiful artwork accessible to many.

There is also an online shop and both online and in-store, the displays and offers are constantly changing so it’s always a place to be inspired. See the website here.

Love it

A wonderful small shop in Gloucester road showcasing local bristol artists and talent. The shop stocks small prints and cards, jewellery, artist mugs and homewares and lots more. The aesthetic is fun, colourful and cheeky.

They also sell online, see their site and online shop here.

Photos from the Love It shops Instagram grid, page address: @loveitbristol

Up Fest

Up fest, Europe’s largest street art festival is held each year in Southville. The up fest gallery on North street showcases the best of urban, illustration and contemporary art with a range of print sizes and styles.

The shop also stocks the largest ranges of spray paint and posca pens as supplies. They also have framing services, art books and often limited edition art t-shirts and other pieces.

See their gallery website and online shop here.

Glass designs

This is a gift and art shop selling prints, and beautifully jewellery and art pieces at god prices. They support local, independent artists. It’s a small but full and beautifully curated space.

See a link to their site here.

North Street Gallery

A gallery for artists, run by artists on North street, at the heart of Bristol’s creative scene. It has a constantly changing exhibition space and invites a mix of small and established artists to showcase their work.

They also offer the venue for evening hire and provide hot desking spaces for local creatives. See their website here.

Photo credit from @northstreetgallery

Stokes Croft China

Stokes Croft China is one of the creative endeavours whose proceeds go to community events run by the people’s republic of stokes croft.

As old china factors were forced to shut down over 20 years ago, the equipment and art transfer practice was salvaged and now makes beautiful and unique china-ware, famous among Bristolians.

It’s an eclectic collection with stunning unique works. See their site here.

Independent craft shops in Bristol

In this section we guide you through some lovely independent shops for art, supplies, pottery and fabrics.

KilnA ceramics shop where you can paint your own mugs, plates, vases and bowls. See their site here.
TryllaA ceramics studio and supply shop. They have pottery wheels and run clay workshops and hand-created sessions. See their website here.
CreativityArt and Craft supplies store in Clifton- Sewing, knitting, beadwork, embroidery, and printmaking- and much more. See site here.
Flo JoA fabric and haberdashery shop on Gloucester road. See their site here.


A gorgeous pottery shop where you can paint your own mugs, bowls and kitchenware.

They have other creative workshops including kids’ mindful clay sessions, silver jewellery classes, print workshops and hand-building clay workshops. See their site here.


A playful environment for people to experiment with creativity and love to create beautiful ceramic works of art. They also sell some fun creations and art supplies.

Trylla hold workshops, day courses and evening classes including drop-ins a private hire options. See their website here.

Photos from the Trylla Instagram page @tryllashop


An independent art and craft supply store in Bristol- packed floor to ceiling with fabulous craft supplies! They stock supplies for sewing, knitting, beadwork, embroidery, and printmaking- and much more- you can see a virtual walk through their shop on their website here.

FLojo fabric shop. Phto from their Instagram page @flojofabrics

Flo Jo

A fabric and haberdashery shop on Gloucester Road. As well as selling supplies, they offer workshops and sell easy-to-use sewing packets and patterns. This is a really lovely, creative space, with very helpful staff who love what they do.

The team are signed up to the climate-positive workforce and put sustainability at the heart of running their shop. See their site here.

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