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Jewellery is one of the most special things to buy- but since it’s not an everyday occurrence, it’s harder to know where and how sometimes. This guide is designed to help you with that.

The two best independent jewellery shops for beautiful bespoke design in Bristol are Diana Porter and Clifton Rocks. They both have large, mostly female, teams of artists. Diana porter specialises in elegant, unique designs and Clifton rocks have stunning more contemporary pieces.

The best independent jeweller for an engagement ring in bristol is Dragon Workshops in Clifton who specialise in low-cost diamond jewellery.

To find good jewellery in bristol, we look at long-established brands, independent jewellers, accreditations and specialism and the services provided. In the following post, we take you through these themes categories, in turn, to give you confidence in where you’re buying jewellery, the most wondering designers, where to go for reairs and what to look for in a jeweller.

Independent jewellers in Bristol

The top independent jewellers in Bristol are:

  1. Diana Porter (Clifton)
  2. Wylde (Clifton)
  3. Clifton Rocks (Clifton)
  4. Dragon Workshops (Clifton)
  5. Holmans (Fishponds)

Diana Porter is a wonderful shop, the website pays tribute to the amazing woman who died in 2021, and carries on her legacy in bespoke, high-quality, independent and beautiful designs. She was interested in fairtrade design ethical and UK-based manufacture. This is the kind of shop with a clear passion for its art and joy in its craft. There is a lovely personal bio for each jeweller.

Wylde has existed since 1987; as a man with a big vision, his company and vision for beautiful independent jewellery are going strong. The premises has a more corporate image, and maybe more classical pieces than Diana porter. The shop has been around for a long time and runs with highly experienced workshop experts.

Clifton rocks specialise in bespoke pieces and contemporary jewellery design. Their team are keen to help you with personalised gifts and unique, individual advice. They make all their pieces and have rolling exhibits by other designers.

Dragon Workshops are a specialist in low-cost diamond rings. This is a place for engagement and wedding rings. Harold Hedges of Dragon Workshop has over 50 years experience practising in Bristol and many years before, abroad.

Holmans has been around for over a century, a classic local jeweller in Fishponds.

Established jewellery chains in Bristol

These are the safest bet if you are being cautious.

The top established jewellery chains in bristol are:

  1. Foxhills Jewellers (Thornbury)
  2. Ernest Jones (Cabot)
  3. H. Samuel (Cabot)
  4. Warren James (Cabot)
  5. Fraser heart (Cabot)

Foxhills are further out of town, but in a classic shop- a very old and well-established jeweller. Ernest Jones and H. Samuel are part of the same jeweller group- they offer high street services and can offer good deals. A bit less personal.

Warren James has not been around as long but has a less ‘disocunty’ vibe and some very lovely pieces. Frase hear is a lovely large jeweller in Cabot Circus- a more personal feel, maybe, than the other high street chains, but still a big company.

Jewellery repairs in Bristol

We’d recommend the independent jewellers for repairs too. Find ones that specialise in the style of your piece if it’s unique- but more repairs are of a general nature and in these shops, you’ll get very personal care and special service. Also, it’s lovely to support local.

We have a list here of some small jewellers not yet mentioned in the links above, that might also be great options for your repairs. Local jewellery repairs in Bristol:

  1. Holmans (Fishponds)
  2. Smiths (Keynsham)
  3. Jewellery Doctor (Online/by post)
  4. Jewellery Lane (St Nicks Market- Center)
  5. Goldminster (Bedminster)

What to look for in a good Jeweller

You can often find very high-quality jewellery shops in wealthy areas of Bristol, for example in Clifton. Most of the large established chains are in and around Cabot Circus. The ‘gems’ are often on the smaller high streets and are more unassuming. These may offer slightly reduced prices for excellent quality service.

The most important things to look for in a good jeweller:

  1. Establishment- are they well established- have they been around for a long time?
  2. Reviews- this is extremely important and will be the best guide for many- just remember they will be better for regular servicing and repairs than very specialist work
  3. Image and phone service- phone up and explain what you want- see how they respond and check out the general ‘look’ and vibe of their shop.
  4. Look at accreditation and specialism (usually found on their website- or phone and ask). Check the National Association of Jewellers for this.
  5. Think about what service you want- a high street chain? a bespoke independent jeweller? You can often find very high quality

Jeweller specialisms and accreditations

There are different types of jewellers and different specialisms depending on need. For more common work, many places are likely to cover you, but for high-value specialisms, you might want to check out the relevant skills and accreditations. Look up the National Association of Jewellers for more info.

In terms of jewellery skills these are common terms you’ll see on websites: Goldsmiths- specifically specialising in gold, but often with high levels of skill in other metalwork areas. Benchworkers are trained in jewellery repair and have the practical skills to work with precious metals and gemstones. Gemologists are specialised in precious stones and diamonds. They will be very knowledgeable about diamond class, categories and evaluations for instance.

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