Bristol deli and quality food shop guide

In this guide, we go through some of the best, (mostly) independent, quality food shops in Bristol. These are a stunning curated range of boutique delis, specialist wine and cheeses and deli-style- fresh produce shops. It’s a guide by area- with best delis and shops in:

  1. Clifton/Whilteladies Rd area
  2. Easton
  3. St Geroge
  4. Southville/Bedminster
  5. Gloucester road

This table below presents an overview of the stunning shops in this scene- and following the table, we go through each deli with a descriptions of it’s unique selling points, its range and its style.

DeliMain offering & specialityAdditional
Chandos DeliSandwiches, bakes, quiches and cakesCafe area
Divino DeliAuthentic, high end italian deliGift hampers
The Mall DeliBoutique local produce deliGift hampers
Two BellysArtian cheeses and winesSeating and wine tasting
PapadeliStunning, healthy fresh food and cakes counterCatering and cookery school
Matter wholefoodsSmall local, organic groceries and cakesVeg boxes
The Public MarketArtisan bakery and organic local produceSubscription boxes
Bristol Sweet MartExotic, foreign foods shop and indian deliExtensive foreign foods
Poco DeliFresh produce, coffee, toasties and baked goodsGreat toasties
Southville Deli Cheese, meat, olives and whole-foods storeCoffee and cakes
Hugo’s Wonderful, artistic aesthetic and whole-produceFresh flowers and coffee
SouthvilleCheese, meat, olives and whole-foods storeCoffee and cakes
The Bristol LoafHome to local meats, wines and organic produceGorgeous modern cafe kitchen
El ColmadoAuthentic Spanish deli- meats, cheeses, canned goodsOnline shops too
CaveBoutique wine shop and deliBeautiful aesthetic
The Radford Mill Farm ShopFresh, organic produce and homemade foodsVeg boxes
LavenderOn COLDHARBOUR ROAD, lavender is a stunning boutique but friendly

Delis in Clifton village & and Whiteladies road area

Chandos Deli

Chandos deli is a well- known wonderful cafe with an extensive range of bakes, cakes, pastries, and lunch options including deli-sandwiches, foccasia, wraps, quices, pies and salads.

They also have wonderful fresh-whole breads and a range of fresh cheeses, and cheese and fruit platters. Chandos deli also offer catering. See more details on their facebook page.

Divino Deli

A very fine, boutique Italian deli in Clifton, Divino stock wonderful olive, meats cheeses and fresh pastas. THey have wonderful selections of artisan italian biscuits, packed sweets, jams spreads, savoury crackers, breadsticks and wines.

The deli is almost an art of work to walk into- its is stunningly curated and the displays are full of colour and beautiful quality foods. See their Instagram page here for more details.

The Mall deli

A traditional deli with delicious fresh, home-made and locally sourced produce. This boutique deli shop stock all of the expected delicious jarred and canned goods as well as wines, flavoured oils and vinegars and juices.

THe deli counter is stocked with charcuterie, meats, cheeses, savoury baked pies, rolls, quiches and sweet cakes and pastries. For more details see their site here.

Two Bellys

Two bellys is primarily a raw milk, artisanal cheese and fine wine shop. It is a wonderfully curated shop, beautiful and simple. It really celebrates fresh, seasonal, ethically produced, delicious cheeses.

In addition to their natural wine selections, they also sell some wonderful local and belgian beers, and low intervention ciders. See more info on their site here.


An award winning deli and catering service, artisan cheeses and a take away food counter with “Butterbean, piquillo pepper, tortilla, sausage rolls, fish cakes, tuna and caper empanadas, Thai slaw, veggie rolls, springs rolls” to name just a few of their take away lunch options.

As well as their fantastic savouries, they have an extensive range of gournet cakes and bakes. See more details on their site here.

Delis in Easton

Matter wholefoods

A tiny and beautifully curated wholefood store stocking organic and locally sourced produce- mostly fresh fruit and veg, eggs and fresh breads. They also stock a lot of plant-based meat alternatives.

As well as the fresh produce, matter wholefoods have ranges of museli, canned and jarred goods and a fresh cakes and coffee bar with a couple of little seats outside. See their site here.

The public market

A local store, deli and farm shop- the public market sources local and ethical foods and bakes. They have organic fruits and veg produce, and all sorts of fermented options, dips and sides.

Their bakery stock a great range of fresh, whole-breads and delicious cakes and pastries. The shop has a lovely coffee bar too. See their site here.

Bristol Sweet Mart

This is a shop for all the senses- it has the most wonderful collection of foreign food products, herbs and spices. They have fresh produce, all sorts of sauces, spices, flavoured teas and sweets. Great prices too.

The deli counter do authentic slow cooked curries with their own signature spice blends. The deli also does classic indian snacks, samosas, biryani, dhokra and exotic deserts and royal sweets. This is a bit of an institution in easton. See their site here.

Delis in the St George area

Poco deli

A lovely, beautifully curated deli and fresh fruit and veg shop- wonderful coffee and baked goods as well as deli meats, cheeses, olives and canned and jarred produce. They do incredible toasties too. See their facebook page here.

Southville deli

Southville deli is a wholefoods shop with fresh produce, meats, cheese and olives, with a coffee bar and cake options too. The shop stock a small range of eco-friendly cosmetics. They also stock lovely selections of pickles, jams, sauces and spices. Great vegan and gluten-free options too.

Delis in Southville and Bedminster area

Hugo’s Greengrocers and Deli

A fabulous tiny shop packed with gorgeous fresh produce, wonderful colourful veg, hanging garlic, pasta, sauces, and all sorts of delicious jar products. It is packed with delicious smells and colours- a beautifully curated north-street delight! See their facebook site here.

Southville deli

Southville deli is a wholefoods shop with fresh produce, meats, cheese and olives, with a coffee bar and cake options too. The shop stock a small range of eco-friendly cosmetics. They also stock lovely selections of pickles, jams, sauces and spices. Great vegan and gluten-free options too.

The bristol loaf

The bristol loaf is a large, modern and glass-fronted cafe and deli on East Street. The shop stocks deli-style and local produce stalls from some of Bristol’s favourites- including two belly, hugo’s grocers and native vine wines.

The Bristol Loaf is an artisan sourdough bakery- the other branches in St George and center are wonderful cafes- but the Bedminster one makes the deli list for its speciality shop options.

Delis in the Gloucester road area

El Colmado

A fantastic Spanish deli with traditional Spanish products; cold meats and cheeses, sauces, appetizers, spices, olive oils paella rice, biscuits and more. They also have a selection of organic veg and fresh produce.

One of the best delis in the world selected by the financial times! This deli also have an online store so you can get a home delivery within 24 hours. See their site here.


A boutique wineshop and deli stocking food and wine from small-scale sustainable producers. In the deli, find declious pates, jellys oils, vinegars, crackers and dips. See their website here.

The Radford mill farm shop

Known as the first widely recognised organic food shop in Bristol, they sell whole foods and (of course) organic fruits and vegetables. Their own range of concessionaires, including dips, soups and curries and sweet and savoury bakes and snacks.

They cater well to many dietary requirements- the shop had a welcoming, some-made and local vibe. They also offer box subscriptions and are very connected with the community. See more information and their story on their website here.

Lavender Deli

On COLDHARBOUR ROAD, lavender is a stunning Italian deli, selling the best quality imported Italian pasta, risottos, jars, cans, preserves, olive oils and more! It’s an Italian food imported selling direct to consumers- and a company centred around fiercely defending artisan food.

They also have coffees and toasties- it’s a lovely community spot. See their site here.

We hope this was a helpful guide! Let us know if you have a favourite we’ve missed, or if any new ones open for us to try out.

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