Ideas for Bonfire Night in Bristol 2022

I love Bonfire night. It’s a beautiful time of year when the autumn leaves start turning frosty and the newly dark evenings give rise to warm glowy street lights and cosy evenings at home.

Bristol, with all its hills, has some great spots to watch the fireworks across the city. There are also special fireworks displays which are often like mini-festivals with music, stalls and games. They are lovely occasions to make the most of the evening (usually at low-cost entry!).

This guide to Bonfire night in Bristol 2022 takes you through:

  1. Bonfire night ideas for Bristol 2022
  2. Best places to watch fireworks for free
  3. Best firework displays 2022
  4. Best bonfire night drinks and snacks (with recipes)
  5. Best bonfire night-themed art projects for evenings in

8 Bonfire night ideas for Bristol 2022

Here are our top 5 ideas for bonfire night ideas:

  1. Take a thermos and some cake to a hill with views across the city and watch the fireworks (See below for the best spots, snacks and drinks)
  2. Harbourside walk with a thermos of spiced hot chocolate and some sparklers
  3. Front garden firepit bonfire with sparklers, rum hot chocolate and marshmallows
  4. Stay in with your pet, some loud music and do a firework art project (See ideas from projects below)
  5. Buy tickets to a firework display and enjoy a festival-like evening
  6. ‘V for Vendetta’ movie night with baileys hot chocolate (and pet snuggles)
  7. Host a ‘pet’ party, with music to drown out the noise and invite other friends with pets

Best place to watch fireworks in Bristol for free:

People let off fireworks all across the city and from many of the local parks- but these spots have fantastic views overlooking the city- so you’re bound to catch those in the distance as well as those up close.

If you’re off to watch the fireworks for free- be sure to wrap up warm and snug. Scroll down for our best bonfire night drinks and snacks! You may also want to take your own sparklers and a plastic mat to sit on.

Brandon Hill Park Brandon hill park is buzzing on bonfire night with groups sat out together, music, drinks etc. It’s in Clifton, and the park is set on a very steep slope with views over the city to the south-west from the top near the observatory.

Take some friends, a picnic blanket and some baileys hot chocolate and soak in the atmosphere while watching the works!

Stoke Park Estate– Stoke park estate has amazing views over the south/ east of Bristol. It’s a bit of a walk up to the top- but an expansive vista so you’ll be sure to catch some good ones if you’re up for it. It’s also right off the M32 if you’re driving into the city for the occasion!

Troopers Hill – In St George area, Troopers hill has expansive views across south Bristol and (if you watch out for the rabbit holes) is a huge space to hang out and enjoy the crisp winter evening with some mulled cider, sparklers and views of fireworks across the city.

The Mound‘- In St Werburghs the mound is an iconic hill with views over South Bristol. This is a young person’s spot rather than a family hangout but will be super busy on bonfire night with a buzzing atmosphere.

Clifton Downs (View of Bridge)– From the viewpoint, you’ll see the suspension bridge all lit up, and get a nice view of some of the Clifton fireworks.

Although most of the view is out over the valley, there are bound to be fireworks set off on the downs as well which is why this is still a great spot to gather with some pumpkin spice hot choc and some ginger cake!

Dundry Hill– If you live a big further out, or have a car- Dunry hill has expansive views over the city and you’re sure to get a good show. This could be nice for families- bring a hot chocolate flask, warm hats and gloves and some sparkers.

Depending on where in the city you end up, you might enjoy our guides to great Bristol wine bars, great Bristol gin bars or great classic cocktail bars.

Firework displays in Bristol 2022

Fireworks displays on Friday 4th Nov

Patchway Firework Display – Friday 4th November in Normal Scott Park, 5-9pm. Adult entry £2- buy tickets online here. Hot food and drinks stalls with a festival vibe and a 15minute display set to your favourite pop music.

Firework Display in Down End – On the king George playing fields on Friday 4th November, Round Table host another epic firework display. Gates open at 5.30 and you can buy tickets (£8/6) online here.

Fireworks to music at Avon Valley natural and wildlife park -4th and 5th November- a spectacular event with magnificent pyrotechnics set to music (see more details here)

Fireworks displays on Saturday 5th Nov

Thornbury fireworks night – Saturday 5th November with a main firework display (7,30pm), child display (6,30pm), Bonfire (7pm), many food stalls and their famous popcorn machine. See tickets here.

Fireworks to music at Avon Valley natural and wildlife park -4th and 5th November- a spectacular event with magnificent pyrotechnics set to music (see more details here)

Fireworks displays on Sunday 6th Nov

Lockleaze Fireworks Display – Family festival Sunday 6th November- starts at 5.30, live music, face painting, candy floss, hot food stalls and warm wintery drinks. See tickets here.

Firework display at Knowle cricket club– Family firework festival on 6th November from 4.30-8pm, tickets at the door. See the event page here.

Bradley stoke fireworks on Sunday 6th November (See details here)

Best Bonfire-night drinks

  • Flavoured hot chocolate – Jazz up your hot chocolate with some flavoured syrpus like this pumpkin spice or this salted caramel.
  • Boozy hot chocolate– lip in some rum, or baileys for a delicious warming winter tipple!
  • Mulled wine and Mulled cider are perfect wintery drinks as the nights get colder and longer
  • Hot Ribena or hot berry squash is one of my favourite wintery drinks
  • Spiced apple tea is the best around this time of year- particularly with added cinnamon, ginger and honey.
  • A homemade Chai latte is the yummiest wintery treat on a long cold night. Brew chai tea bags in hot milk on simmer and stir in honey or maple syrup for sweetness

Best Bonfire-night snacks

  • Parkin cake- this is a traditional, Yorkshire bonfire night delight! It’s a moist ginger cake made with oats. See a BBC recipe here, or buy from a local supermarket.
  • Toffee apples or toffee popcorn is a yummy, sweet bonfire night snack. See a toffee apple recipe here.
  • Toasted marshmallows
  • Cinnamon sugar roasted almonds or any candied roast nut is a super comforting autumn treat. See the cinnamon roasted almond recipe here.
  • Roasted chestnuts. See a recipe here…I love them roasted and then sprinkles with sea salt.

Bonfire-themed art projects

There are some really fun fire-work art projects and baking recipes to try if you opt for a stay-in firework night (or just in general around 5th November!).

Have you ever tried scratch art? Or bonfire cupcakes? or DIY pop-up fireworks? These are my three favourite projects from when I was a kid.

This GUIDE TO BONFIRE NIGHT ART PROJECTS by ‘In the Playroom) has some lovely ideas (for kids or adults having a fun, crafty evening in)

Whatever you do this bonfire night in Bristol, have fun, stay safe, and make sure your pets are comforted!

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