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There’s pizza and there’s authentic italian-style, quality crusts, rich tomato bases, creative toppings, and pizza in amazing ambience. Once every few months I meet my Neapolitan friend for Pizza. Over the past year, I’ve tried and tested his favourite pizza places in Bristol and in this post I share his suggestions.

The best pizza in Bristol is from:

  1. Pizzaland (for the best quality base)
  2. Flourhouse (for the best toppings)
  3. Left Handed Giant (for pizza with best drinks and riverside atmosphere)

The 5 top quality pizza places in Bristol

In this table below we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 pizza places in Bristol, with a description of vibe and atmosphere.

ResturantDecription & unique pointsPriceExtra notes
Pizzaland, RedlandUnassuming, causal Italian style, incredible qualityMargerita £8.50Good vegan options
Flour & Ash, Clifton DownGreat toppings, bright, Instagram aesthetic, also other food optionsMargerita £10Also a great cocktail bar
Left Handed Giant, HarboursideMission Pizza in a Brewpub- massive space, by the river, games room, great beer. Margerita £12Vegan options
Moltobuono, Park StreetBest for an intimate, cute atmosphere. Very cosy, welcoming family Italian jointMargerita £6.50Plants handing from ceiling/ cool lighting
Pizza Bianchis, Clifton TriangleGreat quality pizza, unassuming diner-style Italian. Simple Menu. Small space- also do pizza by the slice for takeawayMargerita £10Vegan and gluten-free menu


This is a Neapolitan style pizza house- it’s unassuming, diner, simple style decor with a huge free stand oven out front. The quality is amazing. Being slight out of the city centre, this place has a family joint feel. Worth booking at busy times.

Flour and Ash

Baby pink seating, while tiles, plants and an awesome cocktail bar. This place also serves mains; not just pizza making it friendly to all. Also a fab bar and place for cocktails.

Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant Brew-room. This is a cool space- it’s split over 3 floors, and you can peer into the giant brewing canisters that run up all levels. It’s right at the end of the bridge crossing to castle park. This is a walk-in-friendly place, so there is usually space and there’s always a lively, energetic atmosphere. The place is big so service can slow when it’s packed but generally, they’re really fast. Open to pizza or just drinks and there are pool tables on the top floor. Great place to celebrate a birthday.


This is a gorgeous-looking Italian restaurant. There are plants hanging from the ceilings, and the shop is slit into two levels of seating, making it very cosy and intimate. Family-run, very well priced. This is a special find.

Pizza Bianchi’s

This is a great, very small place. It looks like a diner- a casual, easy Italian style and the menu is simple but of fantastic quality. As authentic as it gets. There is a service hatch out front where you can buy pizza by the slice. They are also a great shout for takeaways.

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Other great pizza places in Bristol

There are some more of bristol’s greatest pizza places:

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Best Pizza in Bristol with Vegan options

The 3 best Pizza places with vegan options are Pizzaland, Left handed Giant mission pizza and Pizza Bianchis. Pizzaland have loads of options on their menu. Pizza Bianchi’s have a separate menu available on request for vegan options. Left-handed Giant can veganize most pizzas from their main menu on request.

Gluten-free Pizza in Bristol

Pizza Bianchi’s, Pizza workshop and The Stable are all great pizza places offering gluten-free options.

Pizza Bianchis as mentioned above in the top 5 pizza places in bristol is a proper Italian diner-style joint with a small, simple, but exceptional quality pizza menu. Pizza workshops is a bit pricier and a bit more high-end British- they do gluten-free bases for an extra £2. They’re ok- but it is a nice place with a good atmosphere.

Another good gluten-free pizza option is the Stable Pizza, they also do fairly good gluten-free bases. The stables is a huge, riverside Pizza bar. They have some fun, very inventive toppings. It’s a cool venue with great cider offerings and live music some weeknights.

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