Best Mexican Food in Bristol

This is your guide to Bristol’s best Mexican food, by style, atmosphere and food price! We’ve tased, visited, chatted to our favourite foodies, and scoured their websites so that hopefully you don’t have to.

The three more stylish Mexican restaurants in Bristol:

  1. Batida
  2. Cargo Cantina
  3. Chido Wey

The two most affordable, authentic restaurants in Bristol:

  1. Viva la Mexicana
  2. Casa Mexicana

In this table below we show you a run down of our top restaurant selection. In the following section we describe and give you a sense for each of these in turn.

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Top Mexican restaurants in Bristol

Mex placeDescriptionPrices
Casa MexicanaWarm, family, lively. See their website here.Starters ~ £6, main courses ~ £15
Batida, Whiteladies, cliftonBar, energetic, great meats. See their website here.Small plates ~£5-8, Meat and fish main £14-20
Cargo Cantina, whapping wharfChic, high-end, excellent. See the website here.Tacos £8.50, Nachos £12.50
Viva la Mexicana, bedminsterSimple, easy, authentic. See more details on their site here.Small main dishes ~£11, sides ~£4
My Burrito, millennium squareIndependent, simple, delicious. See the menu on their site here.Burritos reg. £9, lrg. £11; Nachos ~£9
Chido Wey, old marketArty, energetic and elegant. See their menu on their site here.Tacos £10-12, Large Nachos £10
Cartel Cantina, BrislingtonFood truck, simple, indulgent. See their Facebook page here.Burritos and tacos £11, Nachos £8

Casa Mexicana

A wonderful, character-filled terracotta-tiled floor and solid wooden furniture dining space. The walls are lined with wine-bottle racks and there’s festive lights and colourful artwork.

They do great, generous food with Nachos, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas and delicious prawn, fish and steak meats. See their menu here.

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A joyous colourful and fun Mexican-themed restaurant with an outdoor terrace covered in fairy lights and a bright, indoor dining space.

Mexican-style restaurant with Tacos, and main including ribs, chicken and quesadillas. They also general south American style ‘burgers’ including Argentinian steak and Cuban sandwiches. Also Beers, wines and cocktails. See their website here, and Instagram page here.

Photos are taken from the Batida Instagram page (

Cargo Cantina

In the cool, container ship restaurant’s district, whipping wharf, Cargo Cantina is an extremely popular spot. It has a modern dark interior with lively bulb-strung lighting, chic bench tables with leather stools, and splashes of colour.

This is a lively, buzzing area, particularly at night. Worth pre-booking. A small, curated menu of tacos, tostadas and cocktails. See the website here.

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Viva la Mexicana

A tiny shop, bright orange and very low-key. Authentic Mexican cooked by authentic chefs. The food includes Huarache Macho, Panuchos, Pellizcada , Quesadillas, Enchiladas and deserts and cocktails.

Based on east street- See more details on their site here, or their Instagram here.

My Burrito

Colourful wooden panels, cheap and easy burrito spot near millennium square. Independently owned cafe and flavour-rich burritos and tex- mex. Sit-in or take-away options. What you see is what you get- but these are the best burritos (in my humble opinion).

Burritos for £9 or £11 depending on size, Nachos for £9, and their signature hot sauces for sale. See the menu on their site here.

Chido Wey

A colourful, artistic and chic but welcoming small restaurant and bar serving cali-mex dishes and cocktails. In a shop in old market, stop here for tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos and super-mex cocktails.

Photos from the Chido Wey Instagram page (

This is a really nice restaurant- it’s lively and warm, and their food is excellent!

Tacos for £10-12, Large Nachos for £10 and See their menu on their site here.

Cartel Cantina

An outdoor food truck with delicious, indulgent mex-style meals. Lovely bench seating- slightly out of town, but a well-known and loved spot! Tacos, burgers, burritos and nachos. They are also popular for takeaways.

Especially on a sunny day, the outdoor benches are a lovely spot for a bite. Burritos and tacos about £11, Nachos for £8. See their Facebook page here.


Of course, overall there are more Mexican spots around. In this guide, we haven’t included the chain restaurants, which although less charmingly bristol- offer some great food and drink and great fun. These include Las iguanas, on the harbourside, and mission burrito on park street.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide!

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