Best Bristol Butchers | Quality, Price & Service

We’ve tested a few and we’ve scoured reddit, and local bristol business pages for the rest. At Bristol and local we love classic, community local, friendly service, and beautifully curated selections. With this in mind we have the following list as a treat for you.

The top 3 butchers in Bristol are:

  1. Dave Giles, Bishopston (Because we love family, organic and plastic-free)
  2. Rare Meat, Southville (We love, local, community, and quality)
  3. Clifton Village Butchers (Local and family with pre-prepped options)

Top Butchers of Bristol

We’ve curated a list for you of Bristol Butchers with descriptions for the butcher atmosphere, offerings and price.

ButchersAtmosphereOfferings Price
Rare Meat (Southville)Local, friendly, part of the North street specialist food sceneQuality free-range meats hung in traditional methods. Pre-prepped options.Standard and reasonable
Ruby and White (Whiteladies)Beautifully curated. Speciality, deli-style. Website explores where each meat is sourced how its cared forThe deli in the shops also offers curated local, artisanal cheeses, wines and beer, farm vegetables, crusty breads. More upmarket but not too expensive
Dave Giles Butchers (Bishopston)Chirpy, local vibes. Into organic meats and plastic-free encouraging customers to bring their own packaging.Organic chicken. Locally sourced meats. Also, eggs and condiments from local farms.Generally good
MJ Daltons (Horfield)Also family run. Local and mostly run from repeat cutomers.Traditional meat and also exotic ones including ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, camel and wild boar. Specialists in game as wellGood
Clifton Village Butchers (Clifton)Classic, traditional butchers, quality and friendly.Traditional, quality meats. Lots of pre-prepped meat options.Reasonable

Other great Butchers in Bristol

Other options include a meat delivery service Meat Box. They have a container in swapping wharf and although they have a small collection- they’re great if you order ahead.

Popti and beast is a fashionable new, deli, take-away cafe and Butcher in St Werburghs BS2. They source ethical local meats and their chef also offers a ‘legendary’ (their word!) Burger menu, though they have offerings all times of day; morning brioche buns with fresh roast coffee, sausage rolls and pastries.

For Halal Butchers, check Pak Butchers (Easton has a branch). You can order online and they deliver to any Bristol post-code.

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